WB6RQN Air Mobile Flight Earhart Commemoration Around World



BY -Bonnie KQ6XA

In June 2017, pilot and ham operator Brian Lloyd WB6RQN will embark to retrace the historic worldwide equatorial flight route, commemorating 80 years since Amelia Earhart’s famous attempt at circumnavigating the world in 1937. Brian’s aircraft is equipped with HF Automatic Link Establishment, and will be active on the ham radio ALE channels during the flight. Ham operators worldwide will be able to connect directly with Brian WB6RQN/AM Air Mobile on High Frequency SSB, ALE and AMD text messaging during the flight. The 125 Watt radio system is equipped with an under-fuselage HF antenna and SGC SG-237 antenna tuning unit.

The Project Amelia Earhart 80 flight’s final destination is 2017 EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh Wisconsin USA on Monday 24 July.

Warm up your ALE radios, you won’t want to miss this 🙂




PEDESTRIAN MOBILE CW key attached to belt


PEDESTRIAN MOBILE CW key attached to belt with gaffers tape, for
walking while sending on HF.
This works with a mini paddle/keyer also, but I like the straight key
better for /PM.
I’ve had many wonderful walking QSOs with this setup, using the Vertex
VX-1210 radio, Super Antenna MP1 SuperWhip, single dragging wire
counterpoise, and the russian manpack straight key shown in these photos.




Este ATU foi projetado em 1990 para permitir plataformas QRP para ser usado com antenas portáteis. A unidade tinha de ser pequena e leve. Geralmente eu sou contra o uso de ATU. No entanto, quando a operação portátil é considerada, nem sempre é possível erguer a antena ideal. Este ATU foi projetado com a idéia […]

via Mini ATU com TOROID — Otávio Mello – PU9AMO